The Easy Way to Figure Out the Correct Hemp Dosage for Pets

Congratulations on your purchase of hemp oil for your pet’s health! Many of our customers have already reported obvious positive changes when it comes to the wellness and health of their pets after using hemp and we hope that you and your animal friend will also enjoy the benefits of this product.

You may be wondering what the right hemp dosage for pets looks like.

There’s no definite dose for every single pet, but thanks to our handy calculator you can determine the right dosage for your pet pretty accurately. This will get you the approximate minimum, average and maximum daily dose that’s recommended for pets.

First, you need to add the size of your bottle in mL and then enter the hemp mg contained within the product. Once you do this you need to add your pet’s weight in lbs.

It’s true though that finding the right daily dose for a bigger pet can be more challenging in some aspects, but as long as you don’t go over the maximum daily dose, your pet will be fine. In general, don’t give more than 1 mg/kg or 1 mg per 2.2 lbs when the maximum daily dose is concerned.

In the end, determining the right hemp dosage for your pet will mostly be up to you as a pet owner as you’re the one who knows your pet the best. After you first give your pet hemp make sure to pay close attention to them in the first couple of hours. This will allow you to notice the effects of hemp and adjust the dosage accordingly for the maximum benefits.

Don’t hesitate to use our calculator as it will help you tremendously in finding the right dosage for your pet’s hemp intake. What’s more, it will also approximate the bottle’s number of drops, hemp concentration for the said bottle and even the hemp concentration itself.


Pur hemp chart - The Easy Way to Figure Out The Correct hemp Dosage for Pets