When faced with a stressful situation, you are bound to get anxious; your dog reacts in the same way. It
is not just humans who get anxious, dogs do too.

With humans, anxiety is easy to deal with. You can take some sort of medication to help ease that
anxiety. It is not the same case with your furry friend. Dogs are sensitive and can get severe side effects
from anti-anxiety medications. Some of them include:

• Vomiting
• Upset stomach
• Diarrhea
• Lethargy
• Decreased or increased appetite
• Increased aggression
• Drowsiness

Dogs don’t know how to deal with their anxiety and end up feeling more frustrated and stressed.

What can Cause Anxiety in Dogs?

There are a lot of things that can contribute towards your dog getting anxious. Some dogs tend to get
anxious in thunderstorms, while some are nervous around new people. Anxiety is common in dogs when
you are traveling. Dogs don’t know the people around you and feel scared and anxious.

One of the main causes of anxiety in dogs is separation anxiety. If you decide to leave your dog at home
with an unknown pet sitter or your neighbors, your dog will feel anxious and fearful. You can use HEMP
oil as a way to help your dog deal with that anxiety.

Symptoms of an Anxious Dog

There are a few ways your dog will show that it is feeling anxious and scared.

• Nervously behavior like licking its lips
• Trembling
• Pacing
• Panting
• Aggression
• Whimpering
• Urinating
• Loss of appetite

HEMP Oil for Your Dog’s Anxiety

You must be looking for a way to reduce your dog’s anxiety. And your dog must be looking for muchneeded
relief. After all, its health should be a priority. You should stay away from medications since they
may end up causing your furry friend more harm than good. What you should use is a natural
supplement that will help ease your dog’s anxiety without any side effects.

And the name of that natural supplement is HEMP oil.

HEMP oil is one of the main supplements to ease anxiety in humans, so why not pets? Yes, HEMP oil can
actually help reduce your dog’s anxiety.

There are several studies that show a reduction in anxiety in canines.
There are specific receptors in your dog’s endocannabinoid system that gets activated as soon as HEMP oil
enters their bodies. Those receptors make sure that your dog’s body is calm and that its anxiety is

HEMP oil has calming and soothing properties that help your dog deal with anxiety.
If you want to reduce your dog’s anxiety and make sure that it enjoys every trip, use HEMP oil and see the
change yourself