If you are a pet owner, you might have noticed any or a few of such behavior changes in your dog….

  • He freaks the living heck out when it is thundering out.
  • He acts oddly around strangers.
  • He moves around in circles when you leave him alone in the house.
  • He hides himself below the bed when someone unknown comes to your home.

These all are the signs of anxiety and if your dog is displaying any of such signs, you have landed at the right place. Use our Hemp oil to relax your dog.

Why to use Hemp oil to relax dog?

  • Hemp Oil is an excellent option to relax your anxious dog so that he can fully enjoy life.
  • The oil works more efficiently than the other anti-anxiety medications available to relax pets.
  • Hemp oil to relax pets does not make your dog feel lethargic, uneasy, or groggy.
  • Hemp oil helps to activate receptors within the pet’s body and when receptors are active, they naturally calm anxiety and fear.
  • Hemp oil does not produce the high, so not only your pets but also you can stay relaxed that your dogs’ health has not been compromised.

Types of pet’s anxiety –

There are typically two main types of anxiety – situational and behavioral.

  • Situational anxiety – Situational anxiety occurs when things like fireworks or thunderstorms take your dog by surprise.
  • Behavioral anxiety – Behavioral anxiety often occurs due to things like separation.

No matter what kind of anxiety your dog is dealing with, our hemp oil to relax pets will work in both of these forms. The oil will take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to start working but the relief it provided, will last for 6 to 8 hours.

We provide hemp oil in a dropper caped bottle so that you may easily give it to your anxious dog directly in the mouth. However, if you want, you can simply mix it with their foods too.