There has been a significant upturn in the use of cannabidiol in treating a number of ailments and afflictions, owing to its outstanding medicinal properties. While humans can benefit greatly from the cannabis derived substance, the same applies to felines as well.

Cats and HEMP

To answer the central question posed earlier, Cannabidiol is safe for consumption for animals like felines and canines as well. Although the usage and effects of HEMPon cats has not attracted the same intensive research that humans have, the general consensus is that cannabidiol is safe for cats.

The only discernible caveat that applies to the use of HEMPis that from a medical perspective, it is important to heed the dose of cannabidiol that is administered to treat cats. Owners and veterinarians must ensure that cats are dosed properly. Any risk of OD may create concerns for the animal.

Advantages of Consumption

Cannabidiol can be given to cats to tackle a number of diseases, such as:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

A common occurrence in felines, this is a disorder that adversely affects humans considerably as well. While mainstream medication exists to treat the issue, pet owners may be inclined to use HEMP, which can be done to good effect. Cannabidiol can act as an inflammation reducing agent in cats and tends to lower their chances of vomiting also.

The ideal dosage would be 0.2 milligrams per kilogram and should be administered twice on a daily basis. This can be increased gradually and the cat’s IBD should begin to subside in a matter of time.


Cats also suffer from arthritis and HEMP can aid their recovery. Unfortunately, there is not a vast array of commercially available medicines that can combat arthritis in cats; therefore, cannabidiol would be a solution. HEMP is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory agent, which means it can lower arthritis in cats.

They should be given 0.5 milligrams per kilogram twice per day and the quantity must be augmented with the passage of time. While patience is required since recovery time is significant, HEMPcan be decisive in this instance.


HEMP is used for cancer patients, regardless of whether they are humans or animals. There is evidence to suggest that cannabidiol can heal cats that are stricken with cancer and can give them longevity of life in the long run too. Felines should be given 0.5 milligrams per kilogram day and night for better results.