Pet Thunder/Lightning Anxiety

With both of my dogs completely terrified of any sudden loud noise and especially thunder and lightning, I began to wonder how I can help them lessen their fears so that they finally stop running for shelter all shivering. After all, not all dogs are afraid of thunder and lightning so why is it that some are? What can we as pet owners do to help them?

When warm air currents compress ice and water particles in the cloud, lightning is formed. The friction of these currents causes electrical charges, with negative ones going down and positive going up the cloud. And when there’s too much of a negative charge, the lightning strikes the ground. As that negative charge descends extremely fast, it warms the air around it to amazing 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit, thus making the shock wave i.e. thunder.

It’s also important to mention that some dogs, and especially ones suffering from arthritis, can feel discomfort in their joints and similar issues due to the storms and barometric pressure.

It’s not uncommon that some dogs experience anxiety attacks during the thunder, lightning and even the strange smells of the storm. Not only are visual effects really problematic for dogs but charged air particles created by the storm can also affect them. This is why it’s not unusual to see dogs hide inside the tub or behind radiators/pipes as these areas generally tend to be grounded with less static electricity in their fur.

Some dogs may just seek a hiding place that will prevent them from seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder. This is why a basement is always a good solution when it comes to setting up a safe den for your pet during the thunderstorms. Just make sure that your dog has enough food and water, and don’t forget to leave its favorite toys and blankets near the crate.

One of the ways to help your dogs during the thunderstorms is to use storm jackets which have an anti-static lining. If these jackets prove not to be enough, meds and supplements may be necessary. Alprazolam (generic Xanax) is something vets usually prescribe in these cases. However, pet owners who want an all-natural supplement without resorting to serious drugs should definitely check out hemp.

The cannabis plant is filled with cannabinoids and hemp is one of them. Once hemp is in the body, it affects the mammal’s endocannabinoid system by triggering certain receptors.

Hemp has soothing and relaxing properties, which is precisely why it’s a great supplement for treating pet anxiety. Previously mentioned tactics together with hemp use may significantly reduce anxiety and panic attacks in pets that suffer from thunder and lightning (loud noises) fear.

Regardless of the reason why and the season when you want to help your pets with their anxiety issues, you can always count on Natural Essentials for Pets to save the day.