Reasons To Pick Natural Essentials For Pets Oil: 450MG Hemp Oil For Pets

CBD Oil Bene Article 1 - Reasons To Pick Natural Essentials For Pets Oil: 450MG hemp Oil For Pets

Hemp (cannabidiol) is now FDA-approved for two forms of epilepsy.

All Natural Essentials Products for Pets are THC-free.

We guarantee complete money refund within the 90 days period. That way, you can easily try some of our products and return them in case you’re not satisfied.

Hemp drops bottle contains 450mgs of pure hemp(.33oz or 10ml). This means that 1ml will provide you with about 25mgs of hemp.

If you opt for a 10ml bottle you can expect 30 days of servings for sure, while some of our customers also report that they’ve been able to get up to 45 days.

Every order comes with a third-party laboratory test document on this site to ensure you that you’re getting a top-quality product for your money.


Directions for using Natural Essentials for Pets Oil: 450mg Hemp Oil For Pets:

Dogs that weight less than 75lb should be given 5-10mg per serving – once or twice per day, depending on the dog’s needs.

Dogs that weight 75lb or more can be started off with 10-20mg dosage, also once or twice per day.

When it comes to cats, they should be given 5-10mg, once or twice per day.

You can expect to notice the effects of hemp within the first 10 minutes after intake, and sometimes even immediately.

These are the recommended doses as it is always best to start with the minimum dose so that you can increase the dosage by 5mg gradually if necessary until your pet shows the desired results.

Keep in mind that it’s absolutely essential to talk to the vet before adding any kind of a supplement to your pet’s diet.


How can I tell how much hemp is in each dropper or in each drop?

10ml in each bottle (450mg of hemp in each bottle)
Each bottle contains Charlotte’s Web Terpenes (NEW)
1 dropper equals 1ml and 460 drops (25mg of hemp in each dropper)


We use a range of ingredients in order to provide you with the best possible hemp oil for pets. These ingredients help us keep the product tasty and effective. You can rest assured that there are no traces of THC and that all ingredients are 100% safe and legal.

Cannabidiol (hemp) Extract
Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil

For a holistic method to help your pet get rid of issues such as pain and anxiety, you can give our Hemp Oil Tincture for pets a go. Natural Essentials for Pets hemp oil is organically-sourced and lab-tested. Of course, the oil is mild so that there are no adverse effects on your pets. For an extra relaxing effect, hemp oil is mixed with olive oil. The oil has the calming properties which will reduce the pet’s stress and anxiety, relieve pain and minimize any destructive behavior. You only need to add 5-10 oil drops to the pet’s food.